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Iron Eagle Posing Trunks - Fuchsia Dazzle Mystique©

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Iron Eagle Posing Trunks - Fuchsia Dazzle Mystique©


Color: Fuchsia Dazzle
Material: Mystique© Spandex


SIZE GUIDE (*anticipated stage weight)

Small:  135Lbs -165Lbs / 60kg - 75Kg  
· Medium: 165lbs - 200lbs / 75Kg - 90Kg
· Large: 200lbs - 242lbs / 90Kg - 110kg
· XLarge: 242lbs-285lbs / 110kg - 130kg

All trunks are made with high quality, sturdy elastic. If you find yourself on the top end of a size scale we recommend you go up a size. For example, if your anticipated stage weight is 89kg select a size L.

For alternative sizing please send us and email at: [email protected]

Iron Eagle Posing Trunks are fully lined on the front with breathable power mesh and produced using the highest grade, 4 way stretch, original Mystique© spandex fabrics for ultimate fit, comfort and durability.

We have 2 different models available:

Iron Eagle Premier - The Premier Pro cut reveals the ultimate V taper, hits extra high up on your hips revealing those deep quad cuts. A super narrow cut back with a scrunch elastic to pronounce your glutes even more and reveal glute striations, pouch type front with centre seam and ultra thin side straps. Fully lined on the front. Recommended for advanced and pro competitors.

Iron Eagle Flex - The Flex cut has a more conservative cut for athletes who require a more conservative look with a bit more cover on front and back. The Flex cut is fully lined on the front, has a 3/4 cut back with scrunch elastic to pronounce your glutes. It has a centre seam on the front and sleek side straps for a comfortable fit. Recommended for novice and intermediate competitors.


Washing instructions:

* Most fabrics wash well by hand in a sink of cold water but extra care is required. The fabrics, specifically holograms,shattered glass & vinyls, are delicate and will begin to show signs of wear much faster than regular swimming trunks.
* Use mild soap like ivory or hair shampoo.  
* Wash in shallow water and drain until water runs clear. 
* Hang to dry over a towel - do NOT tumble dry!
* Do not soak your trunks! Soaking promotes the dye to run. 
* Hologram, Ice Chip or vinyl fabrics will turn silver if exposed to oil or harsh washing or scrubbing 
* Do not dry clean your trunks! The chemicals they use are too harsh for the fabric
Color: Fuchsia Dazzle
Material: Mystique© spandex


Small:  135Lbs -165Lbs / 60kg - 75Kg  
· Medium: 165lbs - 200lbs / 75Kg - 90Kg
· Large: 200lbs - 242lbs / 90Kg - 110kg
· X-large: 242lbs-285lbs / 110kg - 130kg

Iron Eagle Posingtrunks es el lider en bañadores de competición. Confecionado de un tejido elastico, terciopelo o brilliante de alta calidad y durabilidad. Todo los bañadores son forradas por la parte delantera.
Tenemos dos modelos en nuestro gama:
Iron Eagle Premier -  Nuestro corte profesional. Cubierto trasero super estrecho con goma fruncida por el centro trasero para acentuar más la forma del gluteo. Las tiras de los laterales mas estrechas, y el parte delantero mas bajo y mas estrecho para pronunciar la forma V al maximoEste modelo esta recomendado para atletas avanzadas y profesionales.
Iron Eagle Flex - Gluteo cubierto 3/4 con goma fruncida por el centro trasero para acentuar más la forma del gluteo, costura por el medio por la parte delantera para pronunciar la forma V al maximo y las tiras de los laterales estrechas. Este modelo esta recomendado para principiantes y intermediatos.